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Enjoy The Journey- The Aureus Financial Podcast

Nov 19, 2018

In this episode, we met with Darren Zhou, the current Directors of Magico Constructions, a Sydney-based Builder company which was founded on the belief that every project should be built to the very best quality with care and integrity.

Darren’s love of construction was fostered as a teenager while working part-time on Magico’s job sites. He observed and was inspired by his father’s pride in completing every task with the best quality finish (even those not at eye-level). Darren graduated with a Bachelor of Design in Architecture from UTS before studying his Certificate IV in Building & Construction.

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The #EnjoyTheJourney podcast by Aureus Financial’s founders Jackson and Sam aims to engage in friendly banter and great conversation to understand the critical elements that define successful people and inspire everyday people to do extraordinary things. We hope you enjoy this podcast.

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